Welcome to Girl Crush

HeatherMWhat is Girl Crush?

Girl Crush is nationwide movement of women empowering women to take back control or gain control for the first time, of their lives by leading a healthy lifestyle.  Girl Crush was founded by two women with very different backgrounds yet health and fitness “saved” them both!

As women, sometimes we lose ourselves by nurturing and taking care of everyone else EXCEPT ourselves.  We are here to help provide the tools, tips, education, and everything “health and fitness” so that you can re-invent yourself no matter how far down the path you have gone and no matter how lost you may be…. our purpose in life is to help encourage, motivate, inspire and help you accomplish what may feel to be overwhelming and impossible, is not.  We have done it for ourselves and find fulfillment in helping others along their journey.   We will guide you every step of the way and teach you exactly how to create the YOU you have always been meant to be.

We believe and it has been proven time and time again that DIETS DON’T WORK!  They may help you lose a few pounds or fit into a dress for a special occasion, but have you noticed that as soon as that event has come and gone, the weight comes back and we feel defeated and lose our self confidence yet again!  We are here to educate on how to find freedom in your food choices!   Learn to live a life free of crazy restrictions and self deprivation.  Food should be FUN not a punishment!  Same goes for fitness.  Let us help you find your fitness!  What may work for someone and motivate someone, may not motivate you or encourage you to move!  We have both come from the Group Fitness Instructor world!  Kristen is an avid marathon runner and Heather loves to hit the weights!   We are here to put an end to intense fitness programs that may have you quitting before you have the chance to begin!

Our purpose and mission in life is to empower women to not only set goals and accomplish them, but inspire them to Crush those goals and to continually be evolving and aspiring to new heights…. hence our tag line “glitter done”!  After all, we all deserve to live the best life possible free from restrictions and full of accomplishments that leave us feeling proud and turn us all into “Girl Crushes”.


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