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My Story – Heather McCormick Hey there!  I’m Heather and people who know me have always said that I look so happy and cheerful, dress in bright clothing, love being the center of attention, have no filter and say whatever I am thinking, I am a bit silly and crazy at times, ….. so you get the point.  I do NOT act 47 years old even though I am!  Now..let’s go back a few years… My love for fitness dates all the way back to my college years from 1987-1992 (OMG… that was a while ago) and I had to take public transportation to and from the gym just to get in my workouts because although my family had money… it wasn’t given to me :).  I loved it so much I began teaching group fitness. My love for music and dance inspired moves, made my classes a hit!  My quest for fun and helping others impacted others so it made my love for health and fitness grow!  Fast forward to April 11, 2014 when I turned 44.  My mother passed away from pancreatic cancer at age 44 and somewhere in my mind my goal in life was to make it to age 44 and be happy and at least live to the same age as my Mom!  I was in the best shape of my life, ran my own boot camps at the park, had a large following of dedicated clients (between 60-70 that showed up at my boot camps at the park), and I considered them close

friends as we also hung out together.  Well.. by age 45 I had my own indoor boot camp facility and it all fell apart shortly there after and my spiraling out of control took place.  It was as if my mind said to me, “you made it to 44… we DID IT.. game over!”  My clients began to leave me in mass groups and it affected my mindset and my confidence.  I began to feel old, had vision issues, knee issues that resulted in knee surgery, the weight began to creep up, body fat was at an all time high and my self esteem dwindled as my clientele did as well.  I was officially depressed and totally lost but nobody really recognized it because I still dressed LOUDLY and had a smile on my face.  I had lost myself in being a single mom of two young boys (now ages 12 and 14), business owner, and “old age problems” are how I will describe them.  I had let myself go and I blamed it on everything BUT ME!  It wasn’t until I saw a picture of myself on an inflatable water slide (taken July 4, 2016) that I realized how far I had gone off my path.  I literally had a heart to heart with myself and gave myself a challenge…. a HUGE one.. one that everyone laughed at and said things to me that made me realize they did not have faith in me accomplishing it.  I had decided to enter a Bikini Competition, a body building contest!  I made the decision to challenge myself and told myself that if I failed, I admitted defeat and I was

a “has been” and my better days were behind me.  BUT…if I followed through then I would be so dang proud of myself for not just losing the weight, the body fat and gaining muscles… but I would get ME back.. my life back!   I had to post pone my competition date twice due to elbow PRP treatments that I had and couldn’t lift weights.  I could have used that as an excuse to quit but I had given myself an ultimatum and I couldn’t let myself down… so in March of 2017… I proudly walked the stage of my first ever bikini competition at age 47!  BOOM!  Talk about feelings of self worth and pride… OMG.. I.  Was.  Lit!  Here is the part that I wasn’t prepared for…. my own personal struggle of losing myself and gaining myself back but even stronger and better than before … it inspired countless women across the nation and they reached out to me via emails, Facebook posts, IMs etc.  I never realized that my annoying selfies and personal journey would be an inspiration to others!  I had found my new calling!  I decided that I wanted to keep up with my training and healthier eating and help others re-invent themselves and start a fresh story from scratch.. just like I had done and continue to do!  Once I learned that my mindset was the difference and that I had 100% control of my mind…. I knew I was unstoppable and wanted to teach this simple yet

totally freeing strategy to other women who may have gotten lost along the way of this challenge we call LIFE!  We should all live it and not just accept things are the way they are… we all deserve the life we dreamed of!!!!



July 4, 2016.  ME.. totally lost and depressed yet nobody knew.. not even ME!  This picture was my “A-HA MOMENT”













March 18, 2017 – Eating more than I ever have in my life each day and had the least amount of body fat EVER and I am 47 years old!!!













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