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The Journey…..Hi all!! My name is Muriel and I’ve known Heather for about 5 years. I was always an athlete so workouts were never the issue. For me, it was always the diet.  My weight would fluctuate by about 10-15 pounds in a matter of weeks! I never understood my struggles with my weight until recently.

I guess the biggest hurdle for me began with my knee injury. I was an avid volley Ball player. I played in both high school and college, but it wasn’t until after college when I suffered my first major injury. Shortly after having my youngest son, I tore my ACL and meniscus, damaged my PCL, and bruised my bone. Imagine the stress of gaining 46 lbs during my pregnancy for my weight loss journey to be halted by an at least 12 month injury recovery period. Still wanting to play and stay fit, I focused on getting back to the court and working out. During this time, I met Heather. Her upbeat attitude and colorful attire was my inspiration to get shit done!! (Can I say that?) Lol.

I was off and on with working out and never focused on nutrition.  In 2016, after joining Heather’s personal gym, I suffered yet ANOTHER major injury. I tore my Achilles. Again, I was not able to workout and the weight piled on. Did I mention I’m a foodie? My vice happens to be junk food….I gained a tremendous amount of weight and at my heaviest I was 186. Then, Heather launched a challenge. I was tired of wearing the same frumpy clothes to work. Tired of feeling depressed, and not caring what I looked like anymore. I decided to join the challenge! To my surprise, it was easier that I thought!  I was eating 5 times a day and actually starting to see my body change. I hadn’t even incorporated much working out yet. Then right after the challenge I was hit with another bombshell.

After being sick and suffering various ailments for almost a month, I was finally diagnosed with PCOS and Hypothyroidism. Now, it seems that my weight struggles made a bit more sense. After falling wayyyy of track with my nutrition and being depressed about how it may be a bit harder to lose already stubborn weight, I decided to #GlitterDone….Kick the excuses and Make The Change. Being Girl Crush of the Month is an honor. I look forward to continuing to work with Heather and Kristen as they not only encourage me, but continue to teach me how to eat to fuel my body and transform it into the body I’ve always dreamed of.



Meet Caitlin… a mom of 3 young kids that struggled to lose her baby weight after baby #3. She joined Girl Crush back in January 2018 and in just 6 short weeks, learned how to properly fuel her body with food that kept her full and allowed her to have more energy for her workouts that she loved! She lost 10 pounds in 6 weeks and became a certified group fitness instructor!!


















Meet Sandy – a constant traveler who finally learned to take control of what she was eating so that she could finally start to see progress towards her body goals!  5 short weeks after taking control of her life through the Girl Crush Community…. GOOD WORK, SANDY!

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